Pain-Reducing and Energizing Smoothie Guide

A simple solution that helps you start taking action to reduce
pain and fatigue, without the feeling of being overwhelmed.


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By including this simple, nutrient-dense smoothie into your routine, you'll be supporting your body:

  • With some of the nutrients it's lacking so that your cells can begin to function at an optimal level
  • By providing it with robust anti-inflammatory ingredients that go to work for you, helping to reduce inflammation and improve energy
  • With an easy-to-digest drink that's delicious, while also nourishing you at the cellular level


Inside, you will:  

  • Discover 6 ways these components help fight inflammation
  • Find two, tried-and-true smoothie recipes that you'll want to drink again and again
I need this guide!

Does the thought of making dietary changes to improve your RA symptoms, leave you feeling overwhelmed?

That overwhelm is real, my friend. Whether you are stuck trying to figure out what foods to remove or which healthy foods to eat first, this simple smoothie solution will help you take a confident step forward. With it, you'll start adding critical nutrients to your diet that your body is lacking, all in an easy-to-digest and delicious way. Your cells start to get nourished and happy, allowing them to get busy doing what they do best - taking care of YOU! 

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A well-nourished body is a body that thrives.

I didn't know what my body was missing until I took the plunge and started experimenting with a daily smoothie. Very quickly I noticed I was full longer, had more energy and even started to 'crave' healthy green additions.

Little did I know this was the gateway to so many improvements for my body. As I started to see little wins along the way, I became more confident in my ability to make bigger changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Now, I enjoy all-day energy, far less pain and better management over my RA symptoms. And to think it all started with a smoothie...

That's why I created this resource for YOU. I want you to start experiencing the same wins I have so that you can get back to thriving in your day-to-day life.

I'm cheering you on!



This is exactly what I need, Dawn!