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What Can Living With Less Pain & Fatigue Look Like? 

3-Part Series on Living an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

February 9; February 23; March 8

11 a.m. - 12 p.m.   |   Heartstone Wellness Studio   |   Cypress, Texas

Are you tired of being tired? Done with random aches and pains? Join us for a 3-part series where we’ll talk about chronic inflammation and the impact that food, stress, and overall well-being has on your inflammation levels. Fatigue and pain are symptoms and your body is trying to get your attention. It needs action from you! Come learn what those actions look like as you take charge of your health and start to build an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Workshop 1:  Understanding Chronic Inflammation and How Food Can Either Tame the Flames or Add to Them

In this workshop, you’ll gain a better understanding of chronic inflammation and the impact food has on it, along with actionable food strategies to start reducing inflammation right away. You'll also taste some delicious anti-inflammatory foods!

Workshop 2: Stress: The Fight or Flight Response; Are You Ready to Break Free?

Chronic stress can lead to chronic inflammation. Discover 12 simple steps to start reducing your stress. Put one into practice right away as we take part in an Intro to Breathwork session.

Workshop 3: Finding Balance and Moving Forward

An anti-inflammatory lifestyle goes beyond food, stress and exercise. Discover the remaining areas and create a personalized plan for how you’ll move forward.

Register for individual workshops or save money and purchase the bundle! Click the button below, find your workshop date, purchase 1 or all 3.

Individual Workshops:  $35
Bundle all 3:  $90