Oct 13, 2022
Dawn Laflin Wellness

#004 Why Do I Crave Sugar?

Sugar ... 

... we all love it, but does it love us back?

Well if it's the white, highly refined kind, I'm afraid not!

While sweetening our food and drinks, its also causing fatigue, joint pain, digestive distress,  sleep troubles, hormonal imbalances, acne, headaches, and so. much. more.

We know it isn't good for us.

We know it causes trouble for our body.

So WHY do we still crave and eat it?

Maybe you're one of the many who have tried, and/or succeeded, in giving it up only to find yourself back in the vicious cycle.

Guess what ...

there are reasons you're struggling to kick sugar to the curb.

And that's exactly what I'm going to uncover today.

In this episode, I'm:

  • Sharing the truth about sugar
  • Unpacking carbohydrates so we can focus on the right carbs and eat less of the simple carbs
  • Divulging the extent to which the food industry will go to protect their bottom line (irregardless of our health)
  • Uncovering three reasons why it's so hard to quit sugar

Happy Listening!

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